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  • The night was quiet and peaceful as the bhabi, Trisha Krishnan, slept soundly in her bed. Little did she know that her husband had other plans for her. As she slept, he couldn't resist the temptation of her beautiful body and naughty thoughts filled his mind. Slowly, he crept towards her and began to press and caress her soft, supple breasts. She moaned in her sleep, unaware neju of the pleasure her husband was giving her. He continued his act, enjoying every moment of it, until she finally woke up to his touch. She was surprised and aroused, but couldn't resist his advances. As they indulged in their passionate lovemaking, she couldn't help but think of the latest episode of Savita Bhabhi, which had inspired her husband's naughty boob pressing act. It was a night of intense pleasure and satisfaction for both of them, thanks to her husband's bold and daring move.
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